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Default Fuze+: A Good Video Player?

I'm sporting a Zune 120 and a Clip+ at the moment, and I eagerly await the Fuze+'s Canadian release. However, one thing has piqued my interest about it.

I was going to get a regular Fuze for video, but the wee screen, the silly resolution, and the dingy screen turned me off of it. Now, the Fuze+ has a bigger, brighter screen, with an honest-to-God 320x240 resolution, like my Zune. The Fuze+ fills the niche that the new, videoless iPod Nano vacated.

This makes the Fuze+ an appealing option to lugging my video collection around without hauling around the Zune, especially with its 16GB capacity and its SD card. Hell, with its Zunelike menus, it's even pretty close to my Zune experience!

Does it seem like it would be good for that? What have your impressions been of the video playback? They don't really sell Samsung or Zen players around here anymore, so those aren't feasible options. They mostly sell Sonys (especially the S-series) and the occasional Philips and Archos, but their non-expandable memory and limited compatibility is quite a big turnoff. What are your thoughts?
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