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I like the Fuze+, Clip Zip and Clip+

Clip+: Easiest to operate and understand and offers the biggest bang for the buck. Weak points are the power switch which is easy to break with too much pressure and the earphone jack that wears quickly. The charge/data port is gold plated and mounted well. The software is simple but the player lacks album art and has a very small display.

Clip Zip: Improved video display but still has a weak earphone port and also has a less expensive charge/data port than the Clip+. Even though the Clip Zip uses a slightly more powerful battery it needs charged more than the Clip+. Again the software is simple and ads album Art.

Clip Sport: The case is weak and gives the player a cheap feel. The software is OK but has a different feel than the Clip+ or Clip Zip. The Sport does have a much longer play time than either the Clip+ or Clip Zip.

Fuze+: The Fuze+ should have a harder plastic overcoat and is easy to scratch. The touch pad is over sensitive but with attenuation and some practice is easy to master. The Fuze+ can show Photos and do video and does it well if the files are properly formatted. The Fuze+ allows separation of audio book file types, specially files encoded with DRN such as the audible .aa files. The Fuze+ also has a long charge life and a much larger battery. The Fuze+ interface is a little slow in scrolling and also slow in reading a newly inserted SD card.

Fuze+ and Rockbox: With Rockbox as with the Clip+ and Clip Zip you can't do DRN audiobooks and only supports minimal video and requires a plug-in to Rockbox for any videos to be played.

Attenuation of the Fuze+ touch pad: Cut a piece of clear soft plastic found from bed sheet or curtain packaging to the size of the face of the player. Clean surface then apply a small amount of highly diluted dish soap and water, next apply the cut soft plastic from the top to bottom using a credit card wrapped in a soft cotton wipe. Slowly push the liquid and air bubbles from under the clear plastic cover until you reach the bottom and all air bubbles are gone. Let sit in dry warm place for a few hours. Depending on the Mil of the clear plastic you will get more or less attenuation. The great part of doing this is you also have a great screen protector.

Hands down the Fuze+ offers the most but does take some getting use to!

To me the all around best Sansa is the Clip Zip.
Canelo Kid

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