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Old 01-19-2011, 01:07 AM
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Amazing that there are 13 pages of posts on this subject, going back to 2007 and yet there still appears to be no summary solution to it, nor any significant attempt by Creative to deal with it.

From everything I've read and all my experiences, I'm inclined to suspect there's a software bug behind this SDOD fault that continues to recur, yet, it seems when all else fails to restore the screen to working, if I disassemble it, wiggle the cables around a bit, charge it for half a day and then turn it on, it comes back to life again, with the exception of the brightness control. In normal operation, when it indicates 100% brightness, it's actually operating at 10% brightness, however, as soon as you plug it into a USB cable to the computer the brightness immediately jumps to normal 100%

Shame on you Creative for not taking any responsibility for this issue. It seems incredibly common in all the Zen players, but the only response I get from them when I ring the helpdesk is something like "it's broken. we can't fix it. it's out of warranty. buy another one."

And there's NOTHING substantive in their "knowledge base" that attempts to help owners deal with it. Sadly, that means no more Creative products for me. I can deal with things breaking, but if a manufacturer doesn't give a damn about helping customers, that really puts me off.
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