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Originally Posted by Clausthaler View Post
What I wanted to ask:
I'm wondering why photos have to be converted into *.bmp to be seen in the Photo Folder, although *.jpg are used for the Album Art.
No chance to get *.jpg-photos shown by the Sansa?

Thanks in advance.
They actually don't have to be. As you discovered, the Sansa will read and display both .bmps & .jpgs. A lot of people say "You MUST use the Sansa Media Converter to put pictures on your device." I have only one word in response to that . . . H O G W A S H !

As long as the pictures are not too big, you can drag & drop (in MSC mode) any .jpg onto your player and it should display fine. You must realize however, that the screen size of the little bugger is like 176 x 176 pixels (I don't know the exact size), so you can't go putting on a 1024 x 768 picture and expect it to display right. That's like trying to shove a pillow through a garden hose! It just ain't gonna happen!

The Sansa Media Converter also reduces the picture and file size down to managable dimensions as well as converting to .bmps. But you can do this manually too.

You can use any photo or image editor software (Paintshop, Photoshop, GIMPshop, etc.) to reduce your image size down before transfering to you player.
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