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Lightbulb asf->avi->svi did the job with the Kigo and ffmpegX programs

Originally Posted by teahonen View Post
I tested Kigo videos (xvid conversion) with my dvd player, did it ok. Hopefully the wmv-> avi->svi (file ending conversion) would work as wel in T10 with a new try. I'll test the conversion using the settings intended for Super.
I got also this working with freeware programs, however in two phases:
1) Firstly I converted the asf files to XviD (*.avi) files with the Kigo Video converter so they can be watched e.g. with a dvd player:
File format: Customized AVI Movie (*.avi)
Video codec: xvid
Video size: 384x288 (=original resolution)
Video bitrate: 1024 (for instance, original files are so low quality that this did not worse the picture quality)
Video framerate: 25 (PAL format)

audio codec: mp3
Audio bitrate: 160 (is this the highest bitrate accepted by the T10? It should be sufficient in the quality sense)
Sample rate: 44100
Audio channel: 2
A/V sync: basic (I haven't yet tested the difference of sync options)

2) Then I converted the avi into a new size and format with the ffmpegX that has previously worked very well, and gives almost the same options as the Super encoder: the main thing is to use XviD [.AVI] (mencoder) video codec (maybe thing works also with DivX codec?). Finally, the resulting file should be renamed with the .svi file ending. Hopefully this helps other people using the T10 with a Mac.
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