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Originally Posted by skip252 View Post
Good to hear you're in remission. Keep it going!

I have multiple myeloma. It's treatable but not curable so I'll need chemo for the duration. 5 year survival rate is 50%. I'm determined to be on the right side of that coin flip. I also experienced dementia. Recalling that is brutal enough that I'm not going to talk about my illness any more here. 'Nuff said.

If anyone bothers to read the thread I linked they know I've stopped debating smartphone SQ. Hand waving FUD spreading like "a lot of smartphones sound medicore" isn't changing that. Anyone that believes that is welcome to continue with what they have. I've moved on and won't be returning.

There also seems to be a problem with reading comprehension. I'm guessing it's the placebophile reflex that's triggered when smartphones and audio are discussed in the same thread.

Battery life on a device configured the way I posted is what it gets playing music. There's no battery drain from using it as a phone as the as the device is in airplane mode.

I'm also guessing that anyone that thinks a smartphone dies after a few hours hasn't experienced a current model. Decoding audio in Android on a relatively recent device has become trivial enough where it's no longer a real concern. That changes if the audio is streamed or Bluetooth is used. Turning on the wifi or Bluetooth radios will increase battery drain.

I use a LG Aristo (LG K8- 2017 clone). It's at the middle tier of entry level phones. I play music from my local storage all day. I'll also send and receive a dozen texts, have a 8-10 or so conversations and spend a good couple hours oat least on the 'Net. At the end of the day I usually have anywhere from 20 to 25 percent charge available. For the heck of it I've done the same without playing any music and the charge percentage increases by about 8-15 percent.
First off, best of luck in with your illness. Hope you can beat that.

However, I assume your rebuttal was directly at me since you basically quoted me near word-for-word. I own a Lumia 640 and I can say pretty unequivocally that the SQ on that phone is just plain bad and a good pair of headphones simply will not fix that. The 635 I owned prior to that was crappy as well, so was my wife's old Droid. And my kid's iPhones, although not terrible, still didn't compare to my old D2 or the HD I still carry around. At least not enough that I felt the need to drop $600+ on a new phone just for good SQ.

So I wouldn't necessarily say that SQ is going to automatically be great on a new phone, or for that matter an old used one that someone plans to pick up on the cheap. As with any purchase, some prior research is always a good idea.

I would be interested to hear your review of the LG you own, if you don't mind. Since you referenced the Clip+ in your other link, would you consider it on par or better than that DAP, as far as SQ? Thanks.
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