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Default Finally found UART port YP-R0

This evening, with the help of mgue i finally found the UART port on this device.
The "UART" (Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter) is a standard serial port that you can find on every CPU on everything. From months i tried to discover this port on this player, for debugging my scripts and my roms, that somthimes stucks during boot.
Now i finally found these 2 pins, that are the TX an RX pins (you can see it on image link below) of a TTL standard serial port.
Parameters for connection are the standards 115200 8N1, and for communicate with the player you'll need a TTL <--> RS232 adapter or a TTL <--> USB adapter. Just connect TX of the board to RX of the adapter, and RX of the board to TX of adapter. Connect both grounds to a common point and open a program like minicom (for linux) or putty (for win).
R0 kernel recognize that port as ttymcx0, and it's the main console of the kernel, so power on the player and you will see the log of the YP-R0 kernel during the boot. This is very useful for debugging things and, in general, for all the developers and/or hackers.

Useful links:
UART location (photo):
Serial log (ModFirm):
Serial log (Rockbox):
Console test (working!):

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