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Thank you very much for your answer, Lebellium. Yes, the player is certainly dying, because no matter the firmware you install on it, the problem remains the same. And I cannot try the recovery tool, as I cannot build that special cable myself. I don't know where could I get the cable either. if there's a web on internet where it can be bought, I haven't found it so far. Anyway, I think it's a hardware problem, so it can not be solved through the recovery tool. I think I bought the YP-R0 over five years ago. Although it has some serious bugs, there's one thing on it I really love: its radio player. I live in a small town (some would call it a village) in the south-west of Spain, where it is quite hard for most mp3-players to tune most of the national radio stations. But with my YP-R0, this problem doesn't exist. That's why I will really miss it, once it definitely dies. If in the near future I decide to buy a new device, I would like to get one with the same radio player quality as the YP-R0 (or even better )
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