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Default Sony XBA-2 Review

Ok, these weren't 180 but 50 from a store which is closing down - the box is rather squashed but was unopened and intact.

I suspected that these wouldn't really work with my E474 as they are a dual balanced armature iem, with low impedance? and saw this on the box before I bought them.

Which is a pretty comprehensive list of Walkmans up to the point of manufacture - March 2012, no big deal though as I have a clip + and a Nexus 7. At least I can't blame Sony

They're really nicely designed - the housings are a good size without being large. Sony includes 4 pairs of its Sony hybrids and 3 additional pairs of what it calls Noise Cancelling Earbuds, but I can't really tell the difference. There is also a nice case and a cord winding tool. The strain reliefs seem pretty good and the 3.5mm jack seems solid.

Sound Quality:

I'm no expert, and I've only been listening to them since yesterday. I've been playing Rush, Neutral Milk Hotel and some Miles Davis. The bass is good and pretty well controlled but it seems to have a hump or to bleed into the midrange a bit. The mid-range itself seems good.Highs are a bit brittle to my ears, but it could be that I am just unused to balanced armature iems. I have listened to some Klipsch before and I thought those were bass-heavy, and the XBA-2 are not as good as those.

These are better-sounding than my Sony EX300s - drums, cymbals, vocals all sound better, but not by a whole lot. I do need some more time with them, however, and to listen to a wider range of music.

I can't believe the RRP of these, and the Sony store is actually charging 180, still. Not worth anything like that, but perhaps around $80 dollars or 60. Edit: On day 3 I like their sound quite a bit more after extensive listening - they probably are worth $99.

Here's a link to Sony's own description of them:

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