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Default Beyerdynamics dtx 101 IE

Building Quality (7/10)

Seems to be quite good. The cable is thick enough and the connection to the headphone jack and the splitter shave and extra protection against breaks.
The phone itself looks kind of cheepish to me. It is nice to see some metal on the phones but for me the shiny look has a cheep appearing.

Comfort (9/10)

The comfort is really nice. Even after one hour of constantly listening my ears did not hurt. I even almost forgot that i have earphones plugged in.

Isolation (4/10)

The isolation is probably the worst characteristic of this phone. The specs do not say how much db they will keep out but the sennheiser cx300 for example are much better. Sometimes i was suprised how loud I listened when i came out of the train.
Also these phones do not like the wind. When it is really windy (or if you are running) you always have those windy noises in the background and from time to time it's disrups the listening rapidly.
One good thing though: i do not have any problem with cable-noises (many people always complain about it with in-ears in general).

Sound (17/20)

Burning in: These phones defenetly need to burn in. At first they sounded flat like a flounder (nice german saying). After five to ten hours they develop a nice sound.
The sound in general is really clear but warm. I am also really suprised that the Beyerdynamics sound really dynamic. Almost like full sized phones sometimes. I tested them on Cowon j3, Sansa Clip zip and on a Sony E-series. On the Clip it was a pain to set up the equilizer. Most of the time the sound was somehow muffled. And yes the Clip is rockboxed.
The overall sound is really natural sound:
Iron Maiden's Live after Death, Dream Theater's Metropolis Pt.2 or Amaseffer's Slave for Life sound magnificant. The dynamic and soundstage is beautiful and you cannot miss a detail of your music.

The lows: They are really well balanced. They do not oversteer but it is up to the user if he wants to have a bassy sound or well balanced without a „punch in the face“.
When i played around with the Zip's lower frequencies the phones gets on its edges though (or it is the output of the zip): Sometimes the bass hisses.

The mids: They keep more in the background but stay really natural.

The highs: Nice and clean. Nothing more to say than that: One of the best I have every heard.

Conclusion (37/50)

If you are looking for some phones with a great sound quality and do not need the best isolation then you should give them a try.
Actually i bought them for working out but i'll keep them for the summer when my bigger headphones become to warm.

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