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Arrow My ideal MP3 player DOES exist!

I have been looking for quite a while for the "right" mp3 player, and I am completely excited about the Vibez, because I believe it will really satisfy my picky preferences. Features I care about:
1) Gapless playback (This should have been standard 5 years ago . . .)
2) User-replaceable Li-ion rechargeable battery (not into the "throw-away nation" approach to electronics . . .)
3) Good playlist options (FINALLY!)
4) USB mass-storage device (who wants to be required to "sync" their device using special software?? Just drag and drop already!)
5) Non-proprietary USB connector (Do we really need to reinvent the wheel for every device?)
6) Good/intuitive user interface
7) FM Tuner (drag that it's an extra $15, but no big deal)
8) Voice recorder
9) ID3 AND filestructure browsing - nice!
10) Ability to delete files directly from the player (handy now and then)

Features that I don't care at all about:
1) Video capability (do you really enjoy watching on such a small screen? I'm in this for the music, so I won't miss the lack of video at all).
2) Larger screen (since I don't care about video, a larger screen would just mean shorter battery life).

A few nice things about the vibez that I hadn't thought to need, but am excited to have are:
1) Customizable buttons
2) Customizable hold options (would have preferred a dedicated hold button, but way cool that you can put it on hold and still let the volume or pause work if you want).
3) DJ feature that will create playlists based on criteria you choose.

I have just ordered one from JR, and am eagerly awaiting its arrival. In the mean time, I do have a few questions for anyone who already has one of these:

First of all, and most importantly, I want to know a little more about the playlisting/enqueing options. It's about time that someone gave us a little more control and customizability than iPod and everyone else so far, and for that alone the Vibez would be my choice. But I'm wondering how it really works. . . . for example, if I have it set to shuffle randomly, can I look through my music, choose one or two songs to have it play next, and then have it automatically continue shuffling once it has played those songs? This is what I'm really after . . . something that functions a lot like the "jump to file" enqueing ability on Winamp. I tell it what I want, and once it has done that, it goes on doing what it was already doing. Does the Vibez allow for that?

I'd also like to know a little about the DJ feature. What kinds of criteria can you give it for creating a playlist. Does it seem to do a pretty good job following directions?

What kind of options does it give for customizing buttons?

I really hope that many of these features become standard in the DAP market, and if not, I hope that Trekstor gets the market share it deserves for putting them all together. (What happened to the Rio Karma, anyway? I know many of these things are borrowed from that . . . why does everybody have iPods instead?)

Well, any additional info or answers to my questions would be much appreciated. I think it's a shame this thing is getting so little press and market space - sounds brilliant to me.

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