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Default T60SE 4GB - Mystery

Hey everyone,

Not sure how active the iriver forums are anymore but I'll post here and hopefully someone might be able to give me a hand

I own a 4GB T60SE and it's a great little player. Prefer it to ipod especially while driving at it's much easier to navigate/switch from .mp3 to .mp3 or utlilize the study mode feature while driving using the buttons as opposed to having to take eyes off the road to use the touch screen on a ipod..

Ok so I didn't use my iriver for about 3-4 weeks and when I went to turn it on it started up ok. The iriver logo came on but after that it shut off and then nothing. I turned it on again and same thing. The iriver logo screen came on but nothing after that. It just turned off.

Normally when I turn it on, the iriver logo comes up and the word scanning music file comes up underneath and then the player moves to the next screen where i can play the music etc..

I've tried different sets of batteries and I get the same result. The player hasn't been physically damaged or dropped ever so I'm ruling out any malfunction due to that.

I hooked up the player via USB cable to my computer and when I hook it up the message bubble appears in the bottom right corner of Windows saying that a USB device has been connected. The mp3 player screen says USB Ready. I then go into My Computer and an external device drive icon called Removable Disk shows up. In Windows 7 I double click on the drive icon and I get an error message saying 'Please insert a disk into Removable Disk E:\' In Windows XP I don't get that error message but instead the dirve folder shows up and it is completely empty. No playlist folders no nothing.

I right click on the drive and go to properties and in both Windows 7 and XP the followiing appears: Under the General tab it says Type: Removable Disk, File System: Unknown Used Space: 0 bytes 0 bytes Free Space: 0 bytes 0 bytes Capacity 0 bytes 0 bytes In the tools tab I clicked on the Error-checking button and get the following message: The dick check could not be performed because Windows can't access the disk. Under the Harware tab in Device status line item it says: This device is working properly

Just for the hell of it when I right click on the drive and select the option to format an error message pops up saying: There is no disk in drive E: Insert a disk, and then try again.

So......was wondering if any of you guys have encountered this problem? Any thoughts on what steps I should take next? Any help would be appreciated. Cheers guys
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