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Originally Posted by Wilham View Post
2) How is Cowon Customer Service? One of the other companies I have been looking at has almost no customer service and that is important to me.
Hello Wilham.

I do not have too much I can offer with the first part of your question other than, if memory serves correct, I do not believe that you can.

As for their customer service, in my experience, depending on what route you go, it is a mixed bag.

After I contacted them directly via email it went swift and to my satisfaction.

First, if you are in the USA, you go to their site and file a "Ticket" :

There you explain your issue (mine was a Line In Recording quirk). They then will contact you via their site - so you want to go back and check (they did send me a email, but you should respond via their site) and walk you through the process of getting your issue resolved. I do not think that, excluding weekends, I ever had to wait more than 24 hours for a response; they were fast and friendly. Once they determined that it was a issue that could not be easily corrected they quickly replaced the unit.

NOTE: after you file your 'ticket', if you do not get a email in a couple days, make sure that their response wasn't mistaken as spam & dumped into your emails junk folder.

On the other hand.....

Cowan America also has a "support" forum that absolutely bites the big one. I went there after I first discovered the issue with my, then, new A2 and quickly found myself among many struggling orphans trying to get just a response form the "support" staff. They were quick to correct you if you made some naughty boo-boo in your post which they did not approve of (I did it to see if any forum staff were even reading the posts) but I, or most anyone else's post I read, never got even so much as a word of encouragement in resolving the issue.

The A2 is a wonderful toy; I use it constantly at work. It has great sound for MP3's and if, like me, you are a movie buff and want to use it for that more than music you will be very happy with it - I never go on a flight without it.

I presently have about 50 full length movies on mine as well as the entire 2nd season of 'Rome', a bunch of MP3's and 1,375 photos (full resolution from a 8 mega pixel camera) from a recent trip to Arizona and Las Vegas and still have 4gb to spare; so do not let the HD size worry you. With proper management you can get a ton of stuff on this thing.

Two programs you might want to look into are AutoGK and Super.

AutoGK will help you convert your ripped movies into Divx files of a more reasonable size (350mb works well for me) thus maximizing the amount you can put on your A2. Super will convert pretty much any other video file format to play on the A2 (choose 'AVI for Pocket PC' as the output file). Both are free. You may find yourself going through endless screens to get to the actual download page for Super; but it is a very handy utility to have; I often convert FLV files from the net into AVI files to play on my A2. If you record from a TV or such directly onto the A2 it will make a large file; use Super to reduce the size.

I hope that this has helped you a bit.

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