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Default Album art - easy as pie

I know that the msg I am responding to is a month or so old, but this is for those of you not aware of how easy it is to integrate album art into your music folders.

In your main music directory, when you create the sub folders for the audio files of a artist or album, just add a little picture of the album (easily culled from the net), the artist or anything else you want into that sub folder and the A2 will display the image as the album art while the music from that folder is playing.

The A2 really is a nice toy. I have had mine for over a year now. I always bring it with me traveling (it is great on long flights), I have never run into a dead battery issue and I use it mainly for watching movies.

I also bring it with me to work; since I work in a mill work shop in a lumber yard you can imagine it is not an ideal environment but I have had no problems - not even dust getting inside and the behind the screen.

I plug in a FM transmitter and listen to it on a regular radio I keep near me.

I have a 30gb video iPod as well. The first one I had, despite being super protected, died on me after one year and a couple days. Fortunately the folks at a local Apple store gave me another one at no cost.


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