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Default Read Before Asking for Mp3 Player Recommendations

In order for our community to help you chose or recommend an Mp3 player we need some information:
  • Location: General area where you live, so others can recommend purchase locations if possible (either online or B&M)
  • Capacity: What size player do you need? Many come 2, 4, 6, 8, 16, 32GB or larger, these are mainly flash memory players but there are hard drive players that are larger. Also some of the flash memory players come with an expansion slot for a microSD card for expansion. Try to be clear what your needs are ...
  • Budget: The price you are willing to invest, minimum to maximum spend
  • Use: What is the main intended use? Commuting, working out, traveling, audiobooks, watching video, etc.
  • Type/Design: DAP (digital audio player, more focused on music or no video at all), PMP (portable media player, more focused on video)
  • Features: Gapless, MSC/MTP, EQ, sound enhancements, USB host, text reader, FM radio tuner, video, games, Bluetooth, internet, a built-in microphone or line input for recording, built in speaker, etc., etc, etc. …
  • Display: Display or no display and rough size
  • UI/Controls: User interface with tactical buttons, touch or combination of both
  • Battery life: Some players don't have great battery life, how long will you need before recharging?
Links: abi’s Top 5 Players, abi reviews, What are the Most Important MP3 Player Features?, Glossary

Member recommended categories and recommendations (work in progress)
  • Large capacity: Cowon X7, Archos, 32gb Cowon J3 + 32gb card and iPod
  • Best bang for your buck: Clip Zip, Clip, Clip +, Fuze and Sony E series
  • Best sound quality: Clip Zip, Clip +, Fuze v2, Cowon J3, X7, ZuneHD?
  • Best battery life: the Cowon X7 103 hours, Cowon J3, Cowon i7
  • Best for video: Cowon A3? (don't slam me, I don't do video on anything less than lappy), J3
  • Best for podcasts: Clip+, Fuze, Zune HD
  • Easy-to-use players: Clip Zip, Clip, Clip +, Zune HD

abi >> | Forum Rules | Glossary | Why Rockbox | FLAC or MP3? | irc

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