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Default New appreciation for the zune hd

So I just got the new iPod touch, in fact I'm typing on it right now. It is quite frankly, amazing. The browser works much much better than the zune's. I've already read alice in wonderland with iBooks. Maps is very useful. The Facebook app is MILES smoother than Its counterpart on the zune hd. I'm playing final fantasy I. However, I do miss the focus that the zune hd has on music... Probably top on my list is the side button that brings up the swipable volume and track transport. It's very bothersome to have to look at he screen to change tracks, and the zune hd's solution to that is more innovative than I gave it credit for. Also, since music is not an app on the zune, it's easier to have that nice little shuffle all music button front and center on the main screen. The pins screen is also a helpful feature that the touch lacks.

I just wanted to give the zune team props for what is overall a better music experience. That said, I just can't recommend it over he touch... This hint just too much useful stuff in addition to being am ok music player. Here's to hoping a zune hd 2 keeps the great UI and adds support for the windows phone 7 app store... Seriously it would be wonderful to have some competition for the iPod touch!
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