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Default Questions about TV-out cable usage

I purchased the Cowon audio/video cable accessory and tried to use it tonight, connecting it first to the V-AUX input of my Yamaha AVR but had no success. Apparently there was no audio or video being sent out from the J3 over the USB->A/V cable.

To simplify the experiment I then connected the cable directly to the front "Video 2" input of my Sony TV. But again, there apparently was no audio/video output being sent from the J3.

I then looked in the manual and discovered that you actually had to "activate" the output to the A/V cable since it was "OFF" by default. Once I tapped on the right icons, including the "ON" button, sure enough now I had excellent audio and video on my TV. The screen of the J3 simultaneously went blank.

Which brings me to my questions:

(1) Since the J3 screen is blank, there is no way to control the video... pause, navigate, stop, etc.

I tried holding the POWER button in briefly but with no effect. Nothing came back on the J3 screen. I then tried holding it longer, and sure enough that video setup dialog screen I was last looking at (when I finally pushed the "ON" button) re-appeared very briefly but then the J3 powered itself off. I guess holding the POWER button for a longer time is what triggered that.

So... it would appear that once you start playing a video out to your TV you just have to let it finish playing. I don't know what happens at the end of the video because I haven't waited around long enough to see, but I would hope the J3 screen would light up again so that I could do something else.

It seems a bit odd that you can't control the video, or get back to the J3 screen lit up again to at least interrupt the playing video and maybe do something else. Seems strange that the only thing you can actually do to interrupt/stop the video now playing out to the TV is to turn the J3 off... which really is NOT what I wanted to do at this moment.

Can anybody provide some insight and guidance on this question, based on your own experience and findings?

(2) Also on the same settings dialog where the "activate TV-out" option icon is shown, there is a second icon which the manual describes as "Clear/Soft". It does not describe this further than that, including which of the two "state icons" corresponds to clear and which corresponds to soft.

I'm going to assume it refers to what gets sent out over the TV-out cable, but I'm not sure. Does somebody know if that's what this feature relates to? Or is it associated with the display of video on the J3's screen? Or both???

Furthermore, when you tap on the icon two buttons appear at the bottom of the screen, with the one on the left seemingly "selected" as ON (by default, everytime to initiate this dialog). And certainly I can tap on the right icon and it will appear to get "selected". So I can navigate the selection of one or the other of these two buttons, although I don't know what I'm accomplishing (since the dialog is really an overlay on top of the video which is playing in the background and is mostly obscured, so I have no idea if I'm affecting the appearance of the video on the J3's screen... or if this is only relevant once I activate the TV-out mode).

Certainly on the J3 I can't see any difference in picture quality once I exit this settings dialog, no matter whether I selected the left (clear?) or right (soft?) icon buttons. Nor, for that matter, can I really see any difference even viewing the video on my TV... once I activate it (and the J3 screen goes dark).

So, does anybody know about this "clear/soft" option? Does it only affect TV-out, or also video playback on the J3's screen? And is the left-button "clear" and the right-button "soft"? Exactly how much difference am I supposed to see? Is it only relevant for certain types of video playback, or for all types?

Thanks for any information you can provide.
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