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Cool V1 and V2 Differences- PICS Added!

Pictures are finally up--see page 2 of this thread.

Hello All!--Post edited as per suggested below and more experience on my part.

This is my first post here, hopefully it will answer some of your questions about the difference between the Fuze V1 and V2.

From what I have noticed, having had 4 of these now, there are a couple major differences, other than the well-known hardware changes.

The early V1(Rev. 1.13) has some rather unwanted problems/qualities in my book. It is very LOUD(not necessarily a bad thing), BUT this kills the Bass quality, and causes the unit to "skip"-sound cuts out- at higher volumes. I believe this is due to a higher current drain on the battery, since this happens all the time except on a full charge. EDIT: This seems to be fixed in later V1 models(Rev 1.41)..there are different revisions of the V1 circuit boards.

The V2 on the other hand, while not quite as loud at higher volumes, has much better Bass, and does not suffer from the high-volume "skip" that the early V1 does. Battery life seems to be improved noticeably also. EDIT: The V2 still handles Bass noticeably better than the V1 models, early or no.

So, if you are a stickler for high volumes and earsplitting midrange tones, get the V1. If you prefer stable high volume operation while maintaining awesome Bass response plus better battery life, grab a V2.

I will have pics of the PC boards up ASAP, as I have transplanted my 4gb V2 electronics into my V1 blue case. EDIT: Well now it's a 8gb V1 Rev 1.41 Blue Fuze

Of course I should mention if RockBox is your plan for the Fuze, stick with the V1 for now..

Also a tip to anyone splitting these open.. I don't remember if this is mentioned in the excellent guide stickied above. Start at the bottom by the jacks, and carefully split the case as you work up(a utility knife blade works excellent here). This will prevent breakage of the top 2 cliplocks above the screen.

Pics coming soon!

P.S. If I am wrong about anything here, please let me know, as I am only speaking from my personal experience.

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