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Default Black Thunder Custom Build

Custom Rockbox Build
updated March 3, 2009 rb r20190



9477 - %mo - View Mode
8523 - Disable WPS update when backlight off
8961 - Anti-Aliased Fonts
5886 - Rec goes to playlist viewer
2653 - One click insert

Included Themes:
Parilis, BigArtDuelScreen[WIP]

Update 3/3 - Synced to r20190
USB stack now works in rockbox, no need to reboot into original firmware for connection. No more needing an external card reader to add files to sdhc cards.
Update 2/24 - Synced to r20089
removed 4th quickscreen item due to being out of sync. No custom list yet, it caused problems with the plugins. Slowdowns in plugins should no longer be an issue.
Update 2/10 - Synced to r19905
no major updates here.
although charging within rockbox now works
Update 1/7 - Synced to r19697
Removed 9470 due to slow downs, removed 7432(SNC Viewer) because it wouldn't compile. Added 5886(use long record to go to playlist), 2653 (short record will add to playlist). Modified viewmodes to work with short record press. Added 4th quickscreen item. Included a master patch with all of my changes.

Info on changed controls

Long press of REC now takes you to current playlist. Short press on WPS will switch view modes (%mo tag). Short press in filebrowser will insert into current playlist (settings are available in playlist settings menu)

patch with my changes
All mediafire files
anti aliased fonts (taken from Kugels sansa build) aafonts.rar

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