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Default digibuild branch

This is a custom Rockbox build for the SanDisk Sansa e200. I thought I would release it since there don't seem to be very many builds for that right now. I'm trying to keep it un-bloated and applying a minimum number of optimization patches. Since this is the build I use it should be mostly up-to-date with SVN. If you like this build, show your support by helping Rockbox.

This build is not officially supported by the Rockbox team. Any bugs in this build should only be reported here. Patches included in this build may or may not ever be committed to the official Rockbox build.

Latest Update: 2008-01-05
  • FS#8385 - viewports
  • Custom database config file - ogranizes the database better
  • Custom Main Menu
  • video/photo on main menu work now
For a complete list with flyspray numbers, see

  • Custom Main Menu - rearranged with video/photo
  • Bitmap Resize
  • Use Playlist Folder
  • RettumPodv2 (Album Art)
  • KratoJetVP (Viewports)
  • KratoGlass (Album Art)
  • Wisp
  • Leafy
  • Ocean
  • Passion
  • + more
Font Pack Included
Icon Sets Included


Linux Simulator
Rockbox digibuild
Player: SanDisk Sansa e200
Firmware: Rockbox digibuild

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