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"Switching the SR card between the SlotRadio player and the Fuze it appears that the "position" in the list of songs is kept track of on the card itself. I suppose that's so that you can't simply pull the card out and put it back in to return to the beginning. That sort of makes sense; if you were a couple of hundred songs down the list, you'd have to skip a lot of songs to get back where you were."

I just bought recently a SR card, and for the last couple of weeks, I've been listening on and off to it. I must say the selections are good. The thing I've been apprehensive about was to take out the SR card from my Fuze, and re-insert it later only to find out that I'd have to start from the beginning and not where I left off. Thanks to the above-quoted observation of jk1962, I finally found the guts to do what I've always wanted, as I please, without having to fret about it.
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