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Red face RDS radio in Europe with a US T9

Originally Posted by holyaci View Post
So it depends on where you bought your player? If you upload the same firmware on a player from US and from Europe it shows the different endings (US or EU)?
Did you use this firmware ( to update your player?
I would like to have this RDS radio function on my T9. But I got it from the US. Is there a posibility to switch to EU device? I can not imagine, that Samsung delivers different hardware. It must be inside the player somewhere
I just see your question today.
If you need RDS (as me in France after received my T9 from USA) you have just to use the 1.27 european firmware before UMS.
If you are already in UMS (or another US MTP) firmware, you downgrade with 1.27 MTP: not the french or american, but the europeen firmware who had the file CONFIG.TXT (inside is: EU EN MTP).
- MUON.ROM & SYSDATA.bin ==> at the root directory (or DATA folder)
- but european file "CONFIG.TXT" must be placed in the folder SYSTEM.
The two last letters at the end of your version will be EU instead of US and RDS will works.
After this, no problem to install UMS fimware as you want (1.50, 1.60, 1.67UMS or 1.68UMS).
Regards Dom_94
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