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SVN Rockbox:

This can be considered the "standard" or "official" version of Rockbox. This is any version of Rockbox downloaded from the page. Each copy of this has a file, rockbox-info.txt, which tells what version number it is.

All of the "branches" or "custom builds" are featuresets added on top of this vanilla Rockbox. It is often the most stable version, as patches must be tested and considered stable as part (but not all) of the process of getting included, though in many cases the custom builds are nearly equally stable. If you wish to receive support at the official forums, or wish to report a bug to the maintainers of the official version of Rockbox it must be able to be reproduced with this version of Rockbox (specifically one downloaded within the last few hours, as it should be 'current' to be sure that somebody hasn't already fixed the bug).


This is the program used to install the bootloader. It is not the bootloader itself. It contains with it a small amount of code that is copied to a hidden part of the "disk" (flash memory) on your Sansa. When your Sansa turns on, it looks for the original firmware to run, but once the bootloader is installed, the original firwmare is moved slightly and the bootloader is put where it used to be, so it gets run instead. The bootloader then loads the Rockbox files off of the part of the player you can normally see, unless you do something (hold down Left, or plug in USB) to cause it to boot the Original Firmware instead. Because the Original Firmware (or OF) is still kept in the hidden part of the flash, even if you delete all the files you can see on the disk, you can still make it start the OF.


This is a tool designed to greatly simplify the process of installing and updating official versions of Rockbox. Though incomplete at this time it will also allow the downloading of "Extras" such as fonts, themes, the free Doom wads that we provide, and possibly in the future Database generation and Scrobbler submission. It is still being developed, but when complete should replace all current installation instructions for the official version of Rockbox, having a simple point and click interface.

Edit: Is this roughly what you had in mind? I'm more than happy to edit, shorten, or redescribe if it's not what you were thinking.
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