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Default AAC support? Opinions?


I'm just wondering where things stand with the Cowon D2 as far as AAC playback? I believe the review here said that AAC was supported and than dropped. No reason was given. I'm wondering if they have or plan to include this again. I opted a while back to encode my music in AAC. About 1/3 of it I could rerip to another format, but the rest I'd be out of luck. I wouldn't want to re-encode the AAC files as I know that going from one lossy compression to another only compounds the degration of sound quality due to differing algorithms. So whats the latest on this? I'm trying to decide if I should just write the D2 off my list. It would be a shame seeing as it appears to have everything else I need in a player and has it right now. I'm sure the features will arrive in other players but probably not for a while...and I'm tired of waiting.

FYI, I've been debating between a P2 or a D2 and due to the need for extra space I'll most likely be waiting for the 16GB versions of both if I go this route. The D2 really has me interested because of the extra SDHD slot. I have a TON of SDHD cards laying around in my house for my DSLR and adding a 32GB card would be useful for both devices. Although, I've been tempted to just go with a HDD based player (Zune 80) because I need space due to a combination of using higher bitrates and having a rather large collection that just seems to grow to fast. But obviously there are downsides to an HDD player. I almost feel like I'd be doing myself an injustice to buy a HDD player now as I think the flash based players are progressing quickly and what I need might be on the market soon. I'd be very happy with anywhere in the 30-40GB range. The only reason I'm considering the P2 is I've been able to use one and I enjoyed the interface, I think it is dead sexy, the bluetooth feature that ties into your cellphone would actually be something I could use, overall gets great reviews, and seems to be getting great/consistent support from samsung through firmware ungrades (VERY important). The only thing I dislike about it is the storage size. Even with the 16GB version I'll be resorting to carrying only some of my collection. An expansion slot would have made me already buy the P2. The D2 seems to carry many features of the P2 with it's only advantages, but also certain disadvantages such as no bluetooth, not quite as good firmware support (at least it seems that way to me), and I've heard the touch interface isn't quite as refined. The money really isn't the big concern to me. If the touch would have offered a expansion slot I would have bought one of those even if they are overly priced. I guess the whole idea for all these companies is to make you buy a player now and soon enough they will come out with the EXACT same player but this time with 32GB+ internal memory for a similar price point. It's a great way for them to keep the consumers buying, but I have to say I don't appreciate there approach as it takes hard earned dollars out of my hand. And for what? No addition features...just them swapping in a new flash drive which they could have made user accessable in the first place.

OK my rants over.
Feel free to give me your opinions.
I'm no good at making choices myself.
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