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Old 11-08-2008, 12:22 AM
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Default [car audio] Why is cassette adapter give better volume than auxiliary jack?

I've been using a cassette adapter for years to listen to my mp3 players in the car. Last year, I bought an auxiliary jack to install in my car (Toyota RAV4) because it would be a "cleaner" solution than having the wire from the cassette deck hanging out. However, the mp3 player's volume is extremely low when played through the Aux input. WIth the cassette adapter, the volume was perfect. So I'm not using the Aux, just the cassette. But why is this the case?

I know a lot of people say "well, the volume from the headphone jack is not meant for anything but low impedence (or something like that) headphones." But the problem with this statement is that the volume from the cassette is great, and that uses the headphone jack also! Shouldn't the aux input devices be able to do the same?

I thought it might be a problem with my particular brand of aux jack I bought (USA SPEC) but I've heard that it's a problem with most aux jacks. I've never tried those head replacement units, nor do I want to spend money for one. I just wish a simple aux input would work.

I also don't want the FM transmitter, those don't work as well nor sound nearly as good as the cassette.

Anyone had success with third party aux inputs (not part of a head unit)? I'm surprised that through all the years, not enough fuss has been made about the volume for someone to come up with a better unit.
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