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Old 06-26-2009, 10:12 AM
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Hi Clueless,

Regarding your question, may I recommend the Headroom Total Bithead. The unit sells for $159.00 (not very unreasonable), comes with a USB cable for charging (but also has the option to run on batteries) and has 3.5mm jacks for line in and line out (good for connecting to laptops, MP3's and what not). My friend has one and I've used it on a few separate occasions and may I say, the sound they can provide in a solid set of audiophile headphones makes go numb and drool with satisfaction. Beyond that, another option is the Headroom Total Airhead. While only going for $99.00 it doesn't come with the 120V adapter. For the adapter as well your looking at about $115.95. It's the same quality power output, so both are a pretty solid deal, though the one I mentioned first is better if you’re running your headphones primarily out of a laptop. Meanwhile the second one has slightly better all around versatility.

Other than those two, you’re looking at serious battery reliance on the lower end, or a larger price tag. Another amp that I was looking at looked awesome till I saw it was going to cost me $600 bucks (that's more than I paid for the amp in my car!). So yeah I've posted a links for them below. Hope you can find what you’re looking for. Good luck!


Headroom Total Bithead:

Headroom Total Airhead:
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