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Hey Tacky,

I can feel your pain man. I ended up crumbling with the crappy set-up in mine and tore out half the system (Mazda Protégé 5). I replaced the deck with a Pioneer DEH-P4100UB. I know that deck is a bit on the lower end side, but Pioneer does a good job with all their decks and systems so I don't really consider the price range much of a deciding factor.

Anyways, the system has an optional Bluetooth adapter and as long USB cable. That way when you install, you can run a USB cable into your glove box, so you don't have to see an ugly USB sticking out. The system has built in scan, so it can automatically pull track info off the USB so you can see what you’re listening to and it has a handset so you don't even have to fiddle with the controls on the deck to change tracks.

As for automatic built-in Bluetooth, (yes I'm a pioneer junkie), the FH-P800BT ($350.00), FH-P8000BT ($330.00), and DEH-P710BT ($360.00) all come with Bluetooth standard.

As far as SDHC goes, beyond the Clarion you guys have been talking about check out Crutchfield

They offer over 16 different decks (pretty standard aftermarket varieties) that have mixed SDHC/CD/USB/DVD reading compatibility. Some of the decks don't even have CD drives but all of those 16 do offer SDHC. But don't quote me on the Bluetooth functions. Btw, if you check out this link, it'll give you the run-down of decks for your specific model of car and current set-up.

Hope that helps, good luck man!
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