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I am not a fan of syncing, as it often doesn't work as expected. I copy and paste folders of songs to the player. What really differentiates players is battery life, size and quality of the screen, and output power(can it power a full sized inefficient headphone without using an external amp?)

How much battery life do you need? How much storage? How small do you want the player to be? How large do you want the screen to be? Do you need to use protected files? Ideally how much would you like to spend?

I am a big fan of the Sandisk Clip+ and Clip Zip players. They are tiny, sound great, have a built in clip, have a microSDHC card slot, have many features when running Rockbox, and are under $50 for a 4GB one. I usually have a 16GB card in mine, although others use a 32GB card, or even a 64GB card formatted as FAT32. The downside? Only around 12-14 hours of battery life.

Cowon makes some players with long battery life and nice displays, however they are expensive. Only some of them have a card slot.

The Fiio X3 can power almost any headphone no matter how inefficient(I guess that even includes 600 ohm studio headphones?), however it is $200 and gets only around 10 hours of battery life.
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