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Default X5 weird "electrical" behaviour

Short story: Bought my X5L/32gb brand new (way back when) and loved it.
Time goes on... Battery needed replacement so it went back to Cowon for service. Got it back and continued to use it, but then decided to get an S9 which I also love.

The S9 (just now) went back to Cowon for servicing (switch failure) so I grabbed my trusty old X5L to use while the S9 is gone.
But there's a new twist I've never had happen before. When I set up the X5L to play something, I (of course) set the volume. But then I find that just handling the X5L makes the volume change whether up to way too high or down to 0.
I can make it happen at will (although I can't control the direction the volume goes) by gently squeezing on the case, so I thought that maybe pressure was causing it. However, I soon noted that I only had to lightly pass my finger over any part of the case and it would cause the volume to change, so now I figure that there is a bad ground or something inside the case because just the electrostatic touch of my finger on the case makes it change volume (but I really have no clue).
If I set the volume on it and then set it down on a table next to the bed, it will play for maybe a couple of minutes and then turn itself down to 0 without my even touching it.

Has anyone else ever had this happen with their X5 (or any other player for that matter)?
Any thoughts?

I don't really want to spend any more money on the X5L even though it's been a great player for me for a very long time. At the same time, I don't want to toss it either for it's ability to play while charging at the same time (the S9 won't do that) which makes it great for using it with my home stereo system.
I'm also thinking of updating once again and buying whatever model of player would most closely replace these players (long play time, large music capacity... don't need movies and such), so my S9 would then become my "old" backup player.

Perhaps someone who has some experience with electronics might be able to offer a suggestion for something I could look for inside. As I noted, the only thing I can think of off hand would be something not properly grounded, but anything's on the table.


Ogg and Flac or I don't listen, and the Cowon X5L and S9 do it best for me.
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