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Default Initial F2 impressions

1) Holy crap this thing is really small.

I'll post an honest to goodness review after a few weeks of fotzing with it.

But some more initial thoughts

2) Loads and plays fairly easily, the interface is interesting (but again, very, very small) and i am still mightily confused by why they included any video options. The screen itself is good for what it is but it seems like one of those "we must have convergence" type options.

3) I like a few things quite a bit - included USB dongle type connector, the included screen protection stickers

4) Manual is utterly useless. But this isn't a complicated player by any stretch.

5) They include a male-male minijack plug, which is nice if you're going to use this for silly sampling (i.e. if i want to jack a snippet off of youtube while at work) though my brief test of the line-in makes it seem more like the video option (cute but not serious).

6) It looks a lot less stupid than all of the promotional shots would have led me to believe.

7) Factory EQ setting sounded like, well - in america we call them "bass cars" - usually blasting less than great music at louder than necessary levels. Their tune selection varies by neighborhood and driver ethnicity but the cargo is generally the same. So all you hear is the distortion of the bass and maybe some hats as they whiz on by to do whatever it is people with very little hearing left and a rotted aesthetic sensibility do when they're not annoying the everloving crap out of their neighbors. I'll tweak it a bit more here and there and see what i can get, but flat it sounded pretty good, actually. a bit less boxy on honky than the ipod mini.

8) I am somewhat concerned about build quality. I do take care of my stuff, but again this is small enough to fit on a keychain (hence the handy keychain thingy on the back) and probably won't survive too many drops.

Anyway, thanks again good folks. I'm using a pair of creative ep-630s for now (strange effect on balance and "listening environment" at first, having only used IEMs in a friend's studio for a podcast editing session, but they help make the subway sound less painful) but i also have a friend sending me an extra pair of the unfortunately named Zen Aurvana so we'll see where that's at as well. (bonus tip: is utterly helpless when it comes to cancelling orders through their automated system, though their customer service was helpful enough)
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