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Default Mp3 dilemma

I know there are many comparisons between players all over this site, but i cant make up my mind. I have an iaudio x5 right now, and there a few things about it that bug the hell out of me. First, its the battery, which doesnt last more than 6 hours. Second, the screen is terrible (cant watch videos), a GUI is non-existent, and theres no ID3 support. Plus, i think the sound isnt all that great (using Bose TriPort headphones) as the highs are scratchy and the mach3bass boost doesnt help much on the low end. So, I'm looking for a new player and am very interested in the vision:m. What makes me reluctant is i owned a zen micro 3 years back or so and returned it, and stayed away from mp3 players until the iaudio. But what makes me the most uneasy about buying one (vision:m) has been the fact that it has been out for over a year or so and I'll be very p*ssed off if creative realeses a new one out of the blue on me. I'm taking the ipod out of the equation for now because I hated the nano i tried out. The other players are the iRiver Clix, the Zune, and the gigabeat. Now, the clix seems to be everything ive ever wanted, except it has very little capacity, AND there releasing a new one next month, but its still not big enough. The Zune is a contendor, but ive heard bad reviews and that has scared me off. The gigabeat seems OK, but i wont stand for 8 hours of battery. i'm looking for a player over 8gb, any thoughts? thanks in advance
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