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Moved to its own thread. No need to revive such an old thread.

Welcome Alann.

Originally Posted by Alann View Post
I bought it last year in Thailand at the airport. I have used it for at least 8 months without any defect until I had a virus in my laptop and I was unaware of how it had also attacked my neon 2.
I am in South America and there is no representative here who can repair it.
So, what is the problem effecting the Neeon?

Originally Posted by Alann View Post
Accidentally I have also plugged in a plug into my Ipod whcih has caused some damage in the input, as the plug was not the one I needed. Now I can only listen to my music as it is through speakers, if I put my headphones in the sound is awful, hollow with the instruments of music in the front and the voice faraway, it sounds like it comes from a cauldron...very hollow. No one can repair that.
Yeah, most likely applied too much power ot power to the wrong pins; ruining the jack. Have you tried different headphones just in case?

Originally Posted by Alann View Post
It also freezes for 2 days when I have added music to my ipod, or it doesn't charge when i keep it like a day on my computer. Sometimes it does, other days not.
How would the iPod have anything to do with the Neeon? If you leave the Neeon conneted to the computer for a day, it will get fully charged and stop charging and switch to running on AC power.

Originally Posted by Alann View Post
And when I had a technician look at it he has probably locked the volume with a password. How do I unlock the restriction on the volume, don't have the password and the technician is not anywhere near as I moved to another country. Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp me please.
You didn't ask when he told you?
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