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So, I take it you have the hard drive version instead of one of the flash memory versions of the Neeon since you can feel it spinning, hear it making clicking noises, and replace the battery? How much storage space do you have on the Neeon? If you hard drive is making clicking noises it could be:

- badly defragmented
- a lot of bad sectors
- or simply failing

What exactly is the Neeon doing when you try to use it? Does it work correctly for the most part, just doesn't play music or are there more problems? Since this problem started with battery issues, maybe your Neeon doesn't have the latest version of the firmware that addresses charging issues. What version firmware is installed? If your Neeon is working correctly and you can get it to be recognized in Windows properly, maybe think about upgrading to the latest firmware (if you don't already have it installed) to possibly address any charging issues you may have experienced.

But first, lets get it connected and detected properly. Which Operating System are you running; Windows XP? When you plug in the Zen, do you get any pop-up bubbles in the lower right side of the screen indicating that Windows has detected anything? Lets check device manager to see if the drivers for it are loading properly.

With the Zen plugged in:

1. On the desktop right-click on My Computer and click Properties or open the Control Panel and double-click the System icon.

2. In the System Properties window click the Hardware tab.

3. In the Hardware tab click the Device Manager button.

This will get you to the Device Manager. Make sure you don't see anything listed with conflicts; black exclamation point (!) in a yellow circle. If you don't see any, then everything is loading properly. If you do, what device is it for? We want to make sure it has nothing to do with the Zen.

If you have the hard drive version I believe you need Creative's MediaSource software installed. If you see no conflicts in Device Manager related to the Neeon, try loading the latest version of the MediaSource software from here along with the plug-in/drivers for it to work as a Mass Storage Device here. Install them both and try connecting your Neeon again to see if it is detected properly.

Remember, all of the above is basically dependant on if you have the hard drive version of the Neeon. Let me know for sure if you do or not.
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