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Default Neeon 2 better than Zen V +

The Neeon 2 has finally arrived in Australia. This week both the Zen V+ and Neeon 2 have appeared in the shops. The shops I visited had both models out on display where they could be handled.

In my view, the V+ is too small and plasticy. The N2 is beautiful and light, it fits very nicely in the palm and the metal backing is reassuring. We all know they share the same software and graphics. The interface is quick and intuitive, and the screen pretty crisp for such a low resolution. Video and graphics performed much more lively than expected, with no stutter.

I can see a useability advantage in the V+ keypad/joystick over the N2. However, this is not really an issue for me as I have a MuVo TX, which has the same scroll/click wheel interface as the N2.

The greater claimed battery life for the N2 compensates for its larger size.


1. There should be a "TOUR MODE" in the device so it can be put on display in the shops where it automatically scrolls through its functions and capabilities in order to attract shoppers, or passers by.

2.There needs to be a stand so it can sit up on a desk.

3. There DEFINITELY NEEDS TO BE RECORDABLE and SCHEDULABLE FM RADIO. How dumb is Creative in removing the previous FM recording capability found in older models such as the Nano and MuVo. I know the lack of this feature is costing sales. While we are at it, why not put in an AM radio as well, or even twin tuners.

4. WISH ITEM: TV with PVR function ...... we all may have to wait for this particular capability to eventuate.

Thanks, thats all for now.
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