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Default cpchan branch

The archive is now split into 2 parts: and For those who have downloaded this build (not the menu build) earlier on, please redownload- I accidentally uploaded wrong files.

N.B.: Please enable dircache in "Settings"-> "General Settings"-> "System"-> "Disk"-> "Directory Cache"
Please create the "_Shortcuts" directory folder if you don't have one.

Latest "Cpchan Rockbox Branch" updated: Thursday, March 13, 2008 at 20:55:35 UTC.
Latest "Cpchan Menu Rockbox Branch" (please follow link for download) updated: Thursday, March 13, 2008 at 20:55:35 UTC.

Based on SVN revision r16653.

cpchan_rockbox.jpgCpchan Rockbox Branch

  • Viewports-wps patch updated.
  • Multifonts updated
  • Sncviewer patch updated
  • LCD fade patch updated
  • Extm3u patch updated.
  • Shutdown-hold.patch dropped
  • Multi-volume dircache patch dropped (merged into SVN).

Old News
  • Reverted "Device Disable" patch at the request from the developers because they would like people to test it out with the test build in order to get it into SVN as quickly as possible, Carrot: The more people test it, the sooner it will get into SVN.
  • Shutdown with hold button patch added at the request of Tenson.

What is it?

"Cpchan Rockbox Branch" is my version of Rockbox which I thought I would share. It will be updated almost daily. The objective of this build focuses mainly on usability. "Cpchan Menu Rockbox Branch" is my personal build with revamp playlist orientated "Main Menu".

The patches included in this version are:

Current Patches
  1. Viewports-wps-v1.diff: Last part of Viewports that is not in SVN.
  2. extm3u_lang_fixed.patch: Support for extm3u playlist format.
  3. infones0v08.diff : A (S)NES emulator.
  4. sansa_calendar.diff: A simple calender plugin. Requested by Vortex.
  5. 50-id3TPA.patch: Sorting tracks with metadata did not use the discnumber tag...
  6. custom_splash.diff: Custom user splash screen.
  7. playlist_folder.patch: This patch moves all the playlist creation etc... from the root dir to the PLAYLISTS directory.
  8. splitwav.patch: A Plugin to split wav files on target.
  9. viewer.patch: Modified button assignment in text viewer slightly so that you have to HOLD left/right to jump to the beginning/end of the file, instead of simply pressing... this should avoid accidental jumping around.
  10. backlight-thread-fading_r16180M-080128.patch: LCD fade in/out for the Sansa. Requested by godess.
  11. multifont.patch: Allows multiple fonts in Rockbox. This include the "multi-user font" patch.
  12. full_screen_logo.patch: Allow logo to take up the whole screen.
  13. sncviewer.patch: This patch add lyrics support through a plugin. Please refer to tho the latest doc on the Flyspray page for detals. I have added the keybindings for the e200 target.
  14. plugin-backlight_070303.patch : This patch adds an option to "General settings"-> "Display"-> "LCD settings" to keep backlight on when using plugins.
  15. cpchan_quick_menu.patch: Preliminary adaptation of the user definable "Quick Menu" patch. Instead of an extra menu item like in the original patch. The "Quick Menu" is accessed with a "Long Select" from the "Main Menu", WPS, and "Directory Browser". For first time users, please rename Please refer to ".rockbox/custom_menu.config" to learn how to add custom items.
  16. main_menu_rec_button.patch: My patch to go the recording screen from the main menu with the REC button.
  17. Recording Enhancement Pack: Enhances the recorder. Please refer to here for details.
  18. pong.patch: Made pong look a lot nicer for color targets and added demo and one player modes for all. Requested by kratonator.
  19. battery_bench.patch: Enable the Sansa to use the "Battery Bench" plugin.
  20. random6.patch: When using the Random folder advance plugin, place a file called "folder_advance_dir.txt"
    containing the directories that you want to be scanned in the .rockbox folder.
    Only the directories in this file and any contained directories will be scanned.
  21. video_menu.patch: This patch adds a video menu to the main menu. The top level directory (folder) where you put the video files in must be named "video". Note: the original patch uses "Videos" as the directory, I changed it to "Video" to better match the OF.
  22. random_album.patch: This patch adds a "random" option to every submenu of the music database.
  23. sansa_playlist_converter_V3.3.diff: Rockbox to Sansa playlist converter plugin. Suggested by gratt.
  24. photos_menu.patch: My patch that adds a "Photos" item to the menu menu. Preliminary testing version based on videos menu patch. The top level directory (folder) where photos are located must be named "Photo".
  25. ebooks_menu.patch: My patch that adds an "Ebooks" item to the menu menu. Preliminary testing version based on videos menu patch. The top level directory (folder) where Ebooks are located must be named "Ebooks". Ebook can be any text file. A vast library is located at Project Gutenberg.
  26. rockcalendar.c Add this great calendar plugin.
  27. shutdown.patch: Add a "Shutdown" menu (patch suggested by godess). I removed the "Reboot" item which doesn't work on the Sansa. The items in the "Power" menu have been moved to the "System" menu.
  28. html_parser.diff: This patch converts a html file to a text file and display it in the text viewer.
  29. bmpresize-1205.patch: This patch resizes bmp for the wps.
  30. cpchan_wps_context_menu.patch: My own patch to add the "Playback Menu" to the "Context Menu" of the WPS. It also, reorganizes the "Context" menu.
Previous Patches
  1. multivolume_dircache_20071111.patch: This patch add support for dircache on targets with multivolume support.
  2. shutdown-hold.patch: This patch causes the player to shutdown when the hold switch is engaged. Includes a setting to activate this behavior.
  3. device_disables_v13.patch: Increase battery life on PortalPlayer targets. Reverted at the request from the developers.
  4. : Patch to support subtitles in mpegplayer. Requested by A.z.
  5. album_art_20070717.patch: By popular request, I have included the album art patch. You will need to use a theme that supports album art. Here are the instructions for using album art. Obsolete.
  6. scroll-margins_20071024.patch: The patch adds the possibility to restrict the width of a (scrolling) line in the wps. Obsolete.
  7. runtime.patch: This patch adds a new Setting "System -> Battery -> Estimated Maximum Runtime". Users can set the maximum runtime they get on average.
    This value is then used to scale the estimated runtime display in the info screen and the WPS tag. Obsolete.
  8. custom_list_position-20071004...:This patch adds four options to the rockbox wps settings file so you can define a custom x/y coordinate for the list/menu and even a width and a number of lines. Obsolete.
  9. customline-20071023-c.patch: This patch adds a new tag in your wps which looks like this: %e|11|219|50|1|B8C8E1|%alMusic. Obsolete.
  10. patch_svn14980_r1: This patch adds the following functionality to the mpegplayer plugin: (1) Start up menu for control of movie playback, (2) Resume feature, (3) Set start time (seeking with thumbnail preview). The video load a bit slower, but the resume is very smooth. The seeking works, but is a bit clumsy. Committed to SVN.
  11. show_filename_ext.patch : This patch adds an option to show file extensions no matter what value you have in "Show Files". Commited to SVN.
  12. dc_bias_v1.patch: This patch corrects the DC-bias of the PCM-signal ouput. Committed to SVN.
  13. jpeg_menu_slideshow.diff : This patch changes the menu from the RECORD button to the POWER/MENU button. It also adds support to toggle the slideshow mode on/off using the RECORD button. Only tested on the sansa but would work for any target with an unused button in the Jpeg Viewer. Committed to SVN.
  14. Hack to hide the screen glitch. ONce for the "Screen Glitch Fixed" builds.
  15. favourites.patch : This is a first effort at a "favourites" plugin, which will allow the user to store up to ten shortcuts to directories somewhere in their file tree.
  16. discsvn20070702_2.patch : This patch adds "Disc Number" tag support to the tagscache and wps. Committed to SVN.
  17. grouping.patch: This patch adds support for the GROUPING tag which is usually used for grouping titles of multi part works (e.g. classical works like symphonies or sonatas). Committed to SVN.
  18. mpa_removed_iram.patch: Patch to optimize mpeg audio playback for the ARM architecture. Merged into SVN.
  19. bubbles.patch: Changes Bubbles to use scroll wheel to aim rather then left/right buttons. Patch requested by @tactic. Merged into SVN.
  20. mpegplayer-resume.diff : Allows resume playback in mpegplayer. Replaced.
  21. rbdiff.diff: This is a patch for rockboy that attempts to clean up the sound by adding in sound code from VisualBoy. Merged into SVN.
  22. wheel-acceleration.diff: Alternative method of list acceleration for scrollwheel-based devices. Merged into SVN.
  23. sansa-sd-hotswap5.patch: Micro SD card support. This will slow down directory navigation a bit, since the file system cache have to be disabled, because the code have not been updated to use multiple volumes. Support now in SVN.
  24. forward_menu_definition.patch: Allow forward references of menus in tagnavi.config. Please see this page for details. Here is the scoop on tagnavi. Committed to SVN.
  25. i_video.patch: New control scheme for DOOM. Please see this page for details. Temporarily removed until I can increase the scrollwheel sensitivity.
  26. sansa-e200-radio7.diff : Radio Support.
  27. bookmark_v4.diff : "Bookmark selection screen as a list" patch. This patch displays the bookmarks as a list. Deprecated. Merged into SVN.
  28. anti-audio-glitch-resynced-update.diff: This patch is a workaround for the audio gitches in Sansa Rockbox. Deprecated. Proper fix in SVN.
  29. changes.patch: This patch increase the responsiveness of the scrollwheel. Patch suggested by @neilh89. Seem to be responsive enough without this patch.
  30. audio_api_v_0.2_only_for_sansa_and_sim.patch: Update the Sansa to use the new audio API. Wait for it to be more mature.
  31. as3514-volume.patch: This patch increases the volume to that of the stock Sansa firmware. Deprecated. This patch have been absorbed into Rockbox.
  32. Scroll wheel sensitivity patch: Deprecated. Fix already in Rockbox SVN.
  33. battery-optimized-cleaned-update.diff: Deprecated. Fix already in Rockbox SVN.
  34. sansa_gpio_wheel.diff.txt: Use GPIO instead of polling for the buttons and wheel. Deprecated. Merge started in SVN.


  1. Download and
  2. Unzip them to the top level directory (folder) of your player.
  3. If you are using my builds for the first time, please rename "sample.custom_menu.config" in the ".rockbox" directory (folder) to "custom_menu.config".

N.B.: is only for those who want to compile their own.

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