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Hello all! A ghost appears!! I do not visit these sites much anymore, and it saddens me. All my mp3 players I purchased are still running like little champs with the lone exception of one of my 1st ones I got - my Dell Pocket DJ will still light up blue when I plug it into the charger, but it doesn't charge nor does the firmware boot up, and I cannot get it to go into recovery mode anymore to try to fix it. But my Creative Vision M, Sansa E280s, Fuzes and Clip are all chugging away.

I wasn't really big into message boards until I got hooked on mp3 players and visiting boards for them and discussing various players. I once had a RCA Lyra player that played off compact flash cards, but getting the music formatted and playable was a huge pain, and I had no online support that I could find to help me, so it ended up being unused and then misused in a dresser drawer, and then it stopped working.

When I bought the Pocket DJ, I first went to CNET for help, and there wasn't much. The player was a generic Creative Zen Micro in Dell clothing, and wasn't a front-line player. But I found a little message board that a Dell Axim fanatic and web designer made for the Dell players, and next thing I knew, I was hooked on portable audio forums.

Then I found austinv's website, and there was a sizable community there. Before the mp3 player craze was over, I was a regular poster there as well as, head-fi, iaudiophile, ilounge (as a representative from the "other" side, lol), and here.

I should have seen the fate of the stand-alone DAP and PMP player market with the rise of the smart phone, but it was still a bit heart-breaking to see those sites fade away. Communities will try to hang on, but in my limited experience I've learned that the site administration (owners, not moderators) start becoming MIA, and then soon after that, their sites start to dry-rot from the neglect. I see it happening here too, which is a shame but to be expected I guess.

Still using my players at the gym and at times of quiet relaxation when I want to listen to my music. I live in South Carolina, and we just got through dealing with Hurricane Florence, and I lost power for about a day and a half at my house, so I spent the majority of my waking hours enjoying all my players.

I'll work them until they die, and then perhaps look for another if they are still being sold anywhere: people that use their phones for music at the gym spend so much time finding music and staring at their phones between working out: I just hit "play all" on my players and stick them in my pocket, and don't touch them until I'm done hours later. I don't want to trend away from that unless I have to.

Take care all!!
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