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Old 08-18-2010, 03:32 AM
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Default Putting video on "internal storage" REALLY HELPS PLAYBACK!!

I guess this shouldn't surprise me, but I wanted to share this discovery.

I had filled most of my 32GB J3's internal storage with MP3 music. Then I put the rest of my music on the 32GB SanDisk external storage card. And finally I put a fair number of xVid AVI videos on the remaining space on the external card.

Well playback of the videos was extremely choppy... very surprising. Furthermore I seemed to have a bad lip-sync audio/video problem.

Initially, I thought the lip-sync issue might have been because of some additional audio processing the J3 was doing... as the default settings for "Pitch correction" and "Subtitle" were both ON. I don't need either of them, so I set them both to OFF.

However that didn't fix my lip-sync problem. And of course my video playback was also still choppy and jerky.

Tonight I decided to investigate further, and placed one of those AVI videos on the internal storage \Video folder while deleting it from the external storage \Video folder location.

Then I re-booted, and played that AVI (now from internal storage).

Well... not only do I no longer have a lip-sync audio/video problem, but my AVI plays smoothly and continuously. No more choppiness and jerkiness.

I will now clean out lots of music from its current internal location, instead relocating it onto the external storage card... swapping it with the AVI video files which will now live entirely on the internal storage location.

External storage Class 2 speeds don't seem to have any impact on MP3 audio playback. But it sure does seem to impact high-res high-bitrate video. The internal storage (seemingly Class 6 maybe?) speed makes all the difference in the world for video.

I'm just sayin'...
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