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Old 12-07-2012, 07:57 AM
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Default Best earbud match for Cowon players...?

So... I'm quite happy with my Koss Porta Pro, since is the best cost-benefit around Brazil and sturdy enough to a clumsy guy like me. But sometimes, when I'm dressing a suit to more social events, I wish to listen something when I'm on my way there (don't have a car yet) and look good with it.

Best match for a suit...? Earbuds! Low attention and easy to put in a normal pocket... but I don't enjoy sound isolation. Streets in my city requires double attention.

Here is the thing: I'm a old tiger when it's about earphones, headphones, etc etc... I'm quite aware about most of the stuff around, unfortunately, only by reviews... Brazil isn't the best place to find such things for test, like Hippo or any other more obscure product or something like.

What you guys recommend?

Budget: nothing above 200 dollars... I'm not rich, but willing to invest in quality.
Location: Brazil (but I can import!)
Category: earbuds (if possible, WITHOUT sound isolation or BAD sound isolation)
Primary location of use: All-around... mostly while commuting
Preferable SQ or Sound Signature: Vibrating bass (I don't know the right term) simulating a subwoofer effect, but vivid, great for orchestrated music
Media: Eclectic. But most of them are orchestrated music and eletronic as well.
Source: A Cowon player. Thinking about i10 or a Z2.

Thanks for your time!
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