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So this may be a bit late, but I just managed to revive my ZVM with a temporary 4gb Sandisk Extreme CF Card & this IDE to CF adapter (going to upgrade to a 64GB SDXC soon).

1. Format the card to EX-FAT on Windows (UNCHECK quick format).
2. Plug the CF card into the IDE>CF adapter & plug into the ZVM.
3. Turn the device on - this should go straight into recovery mode.
4. Format from the device, in recovery mode & then select "update firmware".
5. Run firmware update tool from your PC (I used WinXP w/ WMP10).
6. Turn on and enjoy!

I did modify the CF adapter a little bit as it wouldn't have closed without piercing the battery, so desoldered the "jumper" and soldered one piece of wire in place to bridge the connections & set the drive as a "master" drive.

Hope this helps people who are still looking to do this in 2018 and beyond!
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