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Default J3 Bugs list

This thread is for anyone who finds bugs with the operation of their J3. This first post's purpose is to help filter out common problems discussed throughout this thread.

1. Scrubbing the timeslider when music is playing tends to freeze up my J3.
-Hitting the reset button on the back restarts your J3 with no data loss but it's an annoying glitch.

2. Removing the J3 without properly disconnecting it will brick your device
-proved this is a false rumor by not properly removing my J3. Still works just fine.
-be aware that some people are having trouble with this while using a MAC.

3. album art doesn't display correctly
-removing the files, tagging them properly, then uploading back to your device will usually solve the problem.
-firmware 2.21 seems to have broken the album art displaying properly in the matrix browser if you add/delete/rearrange your music.
-firmware 2.22 fixed the problem with album art not displaying in the matrix browser.
-firmware 2.24 broke the album art.
-firmware 2.25 fixed the problem.

4. "play all" setting does not appear to work correctly
-(thanks to Anentropik for this clarification) do not go through the menu "music", instead choose your music through "browser", then launch any song and do not forget to set the parameter on "ALL".

5. clock is out of sync.
-this is fixed with firmware 2.21
-some people are still having clock issues. I wouldn't know, I never look at the clock. When I did look at it today: 4/13/11, the time was incorrect. several years, days, hours, and minutes behind.

6. there seems to be a maximum of 40 separate year buckets shown in the Music -> [Years] browse.
-this was caused by firmware 2.25. Revert to the generally stable 2.23 firmware release and wait for another firmware release.

hopefully this list doesn't get much longer...if you find something be sure to post a reply. I will add any and all common problems to this particular post. This will eliminate a long list of isolated incidents. So if you can verify a problem someone is having, be sure to post a reply and I'll add it here.
-this list compiles all common problems talked about through pg.7, if I've overlooked something major message me. Cheers.

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