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The process is fairly simple.

1. Remove the four screws holding the back cover on.

2. Remove the back cover.

3. Remove the battery.

4. Remove the four screws on the inside holding the front cover to the silver case. This is the silver band you can see on the side of an e200.

5. Pry the front cover from the silver case with finger nail. The big select button should fall out.

6. Carefully pry the circuit board from the silver case. Start at the USB connector being extremely careful not to break silver plastic around the connector. The silver case and the circuit board should hinge about the head phone jack. There is some goo under the black plastic in silver case holding the two together.

7. Release the black electrical tape on the daughter memory board from the main circuit board.

8. With a small flat head screwdriver, pry the daughter board from the main board. There is a two sided sticky foam tape holding the two boards together. It is located between the head phone jack and the hold switch. This is a good location to gently pry the two apart.

9. Preform steps 1-8 on the second unit.

10. Reassemble reversing steps 8-1 using the good circuit board/display with larger memory and back case from the larger unit. When mating the circuit board with the silver case, align the hold button with the micro switch on the main board.

11. (optional) Reassemble the remaining components for backup parts.
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