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Talking DIY wall charger using RAZR/Q powerpack

When I found out I'd have to shell out at least 30 bones for an e200 wall charger I, like the rest of us, sighed. SanDisk was really on a roll pleasing me at every turn. I suppose there's always a catch. So I started browsing around Google for a charger hack so I could just use one of the million old power packs I have laying around here... Turns out the Motorola Razr/Q charger is perfect. I know this is safe because my razr batt is a 3.7 v 740mAh Li-ion and my sansa batt is a 3.7V 750mAh Li-ion.
I had found some random forum where a guy cracked his razr charger open and soldered a female USB port into it. Now, I don't solder and wasnt about to learn just for this.

You'll need a USB extension cord and RAZR or Q charger, electrical tape, a wire stripper (for the thick ones in the beginning) and common sense (red wire to red wire, black to black)

First I overcame my fears and just started cutting. I cut the wire off the charger about four inches from the pack (just for leeway, six inches if you have trouble stripping wires) I took a USB extension cord (one end male, the other female) and spliced the female end to the charger and the male end to the tail I just separated from the pack. If you do this make absolutely sure that when you electrical tape it all up, you separately tape up the positive twist and the negative twist and then tape them together to avoid any shorts and rug fires don't worry if you have extra wires! there will be a green and a white one inside the USB cable that are for data transfer and a tiny tiny white one in the charger wire (don't know what its for but it wasnt needed) just tape them together next to each other and wrap them into the finished cord before the final tape up. After I closed it all up my first test was to see if my phone would still charge (I was worried about the little rouge white wire) and SUCCESS! It charges just like nothing happened, only now I can unplug that cord and insert the
Sansa cable. This too was a success, as it displays the mini charging animation while you listen, or the full screen charge animation if you turn it off while plugged in.
Just saved 30 bucks and a trip to the store...

-I am not responsible for anyone else's actions
-If you do this and fry something or burn your house down, or get electrocuted, I am also not responsible for that.
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