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Default Playlist Solution

I tried following many advice like using Playlist Creator, Mediamonkey(use same roots) and many others but failed. The .m3u shows up on my J3 but 'No File'

Right now I'm clueless on what to do. Sadly, I'm thinking to use back my old Creative Zen since playlist is very important to me.

Any step by step by step tutorials etc?
EDIT: I found out a way. Thanks DSperber for discovery on MTP. Please post more if anyone have any more idea.

I figured out 2 workaround for playlist on J3:-

Use 'Genre'/'Years' as playlist

Basically edit your Genre or Year on the mp3 file to playlist you wanted. Edit your file using MM or Winamp and set it the files Genre or Year to "Playlist 1' etc. The setback is you have to get used to clicking Genre or Year on J3 menu. The good news is you able to use MSC and sync it flawlessly

Organize file with playlist folder as its main in MTP mode

With this method you could use 'Playlist' button on main menu with some setback.

The point of this is make it easier for you to make playlist without tirelessly selecting your file back again when .pla disappear. Its like Dsperber method but I changed it to make it faster in the long run.

(You could actually do the same using MTP. Select muitiple mp3 folder or mp3 and right click. Click 'Create playlist'. This method is only to make your job easier if you have 500 artist and always using MSC for file management)

1. Using Mediamonkey , select the sync drop-down button and click 'Configure Device'. Under 'Device Configuration' and use the following path:-

\Music\<see below>\<Artist>\<Album>\<Title>

Edit the bold to Genre, Year,Composer,Conductor, Grouping, Track Number,Album Artist or anything you want

2. Based on what you pick above, edit it to the name of playlist you wanted.

Example:- If you decide to replace the bold to <Album Artist> then your XXXX.mp3 tag; 'Album Artist' should be change to 'Playlist 1', 'Playlist 2', 'Playlist 3' etc. You should do it to all your files by categorize it depending on how you want your playlist.

3. After categorize all your mp3,sync it.

4. Now switch to MTP mode (switch on J3 under Setting)

5. In MTP mode plug in back to PC, and access your J3. Under 'Music', the folder will appear as what you set above. Right click on the folder and click 'Create playlist'.
Note: Remember that switching back to MSC will make the playlist disappear. But dont worry, just follow back step 5 and making back your playlist will only that a few click as you already organized under specific folder.

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