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Default Protective nub tearing off

From the first day I saw the small plastic protective nub covering the micro sd slot and 20 pin mini-usb port, I knew it wouldn't last long. Little did I know it would come off this quickly. It's been about 7 weeks that I've had the J3. I do transfer files between the J3 and the computer almost on a daily basis so the protective cover does get taken off and put back on frequently. I'm very gentle with it as I had a hunch this plastic nub wouldn't last long. Well, true to my suspicion, the plastic nub didn't last long at all. The plastic nub is tearing apart from single hinge that attaches to the J3.

For a $240-$300 player, I expected more than a plastic nub as the protective cover. Cowon should have gone with a titanium or magnesium alloy cover! They know--or should have known--this cover would often be taken off and put back on, as even to recharge the J3, you have to remove the cover and then place it back in place once you've completed charging.

Were it not for the fact that the micro sd card is housed beneath the cover, I'd just as well tear off the useless nub completely. Without the cover, I'm afraid the micro sd card may eject out one day without my notice. Bad design on Cowon's part.

I'm certain believe this problem will affect everyone many sooner or later.

I'm also concerned about all the plastic buttons, i.e. power/FF/RW/Pause/Vol. They look and feel like they won't last long either.

S9 owners, any comment on how your units are holding up after say a year's worth of use?
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