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Originally Posted by dduckquack View Post
just wondering, if you are at the point when you could add/remove files into the PLA playlist, could you drag a M3U playlist in there and still get the PLA to work
Very doubtful, though I haven't actually tried it.

This is an object drag/drop, that "adds" the selected MP3 file(s) fully-qualified path/filename (including apparently the Windows-known drive letter, that apparently gets converted into some kind of a "token" representing internal vs. external storage that's usable by the J3 even when it is not connected to the PC) to the PLA playlist.

Obviously lots of very sophisticated logic is going on here (at drop time), and the net result is some kind of hidden data inside the PLA file, which still shows 0 length!! We know it's not really 0 bytes long, and yet it seems to be used perfectly by the disconnected J3.

I'm sure the logic that goes on at drop time is looking at the "properties" of the individual selected files, in order to convert that to whatever is needed inside the PLA file for each of those individual selected files... which now appear individually in the References track list.

I cannot believe there would be any logic developed by Microsoft to support M3U files as the source here, if for no other reason than that they can have at least 4 known syntax formats... none of which is really considered "standard Windows".

In contrast, the "Properties" of an individual music file IS "standard Windows", and the drop logic into the PLA References could therefore be written coherently by Microsoft as they really control both sides of the equation.

But to be honest, I haven't tried it.
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