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dfkt , WalkGood:

just to clear things up with the previous 2 replies, it was not initially a deceptive title. the original pre-edit version of the post was about receiving a second defective device after the first one had to be replaced. when i edited to say "nevermind i figured it out", i was unable to edit the title section.


i don't know if it was used. i'd have to ask Cowon. it was sent to me as a replacement for a "defective" one. i agree it's very odd that they wouldn't have it set to auto by default.


now i'm back to "are they all defective" mode, because this thing is actually doing the same thing my previous one had to be sent back for.

if i try to access my music or pictures (either via "music"/"pictures" or "browser") it goes into a frozen mess of colored bars and snow, either turning itself right off immediately or needing a reset to turn off.

i can do a few lame things on it, like play hunter, use radio, or switch between the 2 icon-based menu styles (if i try to switch to the list style, the same disaster happens). video section says "No Files" even though there are actually 4 or 5 working video files in there. when browsing the files and folders via windows explorer, i confirmed that the music, pictures, etc all still work...if only it didn't crash when i tried to browse to them.

i don't know if this is related or just a red herring but this time it seemed to start when i downgraded from 2.21 to 2.10. After 2.10 successfully installed, it shut itself off, when i turned it back on, i got that colorful snow disaster immediately. when i upgraded back to 2.21, i got to the point i'm at now, where i can see my desktop and use some features.

when it happened to my last player, 2.10 was the newest version, it's what i was running, and (like this time with 2.10), i couldn't even reach my desktop before the revolt.

when Cowon received it, they concluded (or at least told me) it was a defective screen. i'm beginning to second-guess that, or absolutely dumbfounded that i got 2 defective screens in a row?

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