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Default A3 or O2 I can't decide

should I buy an A3 or an O2? please leave ur opinion I have no idea

I have read a number of reviews on the A3, and as many are out there for the O2. I still can't decide which is best for me. Recently my creative Zen vision m broke and I need a replacement(obviously both are a massave upgrade). Luckily I purchased a replacement warranty, so I will receive a check for the replacement amt($250). Since I have the check price is not of great importance. My main uses are for movie viewing mostly tvout, and music(not so much on the go). I would not consider myself to have advanced knowledge in this dept., but I pick up pretty fast. (alltough feel free to call me an idiot if the following questions are stupid).

Concerns about the A3

1. do most people get used to the 5-way toggle switch after awhile?
2. Have most of the tv out issues been corrected through firmware updates?
3. I'm confused about browsing for music. can I search by artist or is it folder by folder?

I am patienly waiting for the 02 review on this site, but I am going through extreme withdrawl. I have researched many players(not just cowon, but i seem to like them the best), and can't make a decision. I don't need to be able to pick the player up and know how to do everything immediatly. I have no problem taking a little while to get used to the player. I mostly need tv out with a lot of codec support, and sufficient space so i can keep a lot of music stored. The 60 gig offering for the A3 tempts me, unless using an 02 with the card expansion slot is easy.

As you can probably tell I am all over the place and don't really know what to do. If anyone has more hands on use with the A3 and can give me any more tips that are not discussed in the review that would be great. Most of the reviews were done along time ago so I would assume some things have improved. Which is my main concern about the O2. How long will we have to wait untill the product reaches full capability.

Also if u feel neither of these players are for me feel free to reccomend something else. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks so much
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