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My two Clip Zips are still working well, 6 years after I bought them. I use them a lot, pretty much daily for cycling and night-time OTR listening. Using Rockbox 3.13 for years now.

The clips on the back broke off quickly, I just attached a lanyard to the rear of the Zips (I think I posted pics about this at the time).

I don't notice any decrease in battery life, but read the site with interest today for any tips on replacing the battery (I presume it is soldered in?).

The price of Zips secondhand can be high (wish I'd bought spares!), is there a replacement model? Sorry, I don't follow mp3 player development much now, as I'm happy with my working ones.

Overall I'm pleasantly surprised and pleased at how long my Zips have lasted. I've been through many sets of headphones, but still use the same original Zips.
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