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Old 05-15-2009, 07:55 AM
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Default A Possible Idea for Album Art Browsing or "Coverflow"

I, like many others were, totally felt let down by the initial Album Art browsing when the Cowon S9 was released. I mean lets not sugar coat it for fanboys sake, it sucked and was totally hideous.

No surprise that Cowon did indeed adress it in more recent firmware updates. And the matrix album art browsing is indeed an improvement, but still has its fair share of problems, for example the lag/loading time when switching between screens. I just think theres still room for improvements, saying that I think the matrix effect is a step in the right direction. I understand that there is some challenge for the Cowon designers to avoid a complete copy of the Apple coverflow idea.

One thing I saw recently which really impressed me was the album art browsing found in the new Sony X-Series walkman. Very impressive indeed. I would definitely say that its smoother interaction plays a big part in its success. The only one thing which I felt the Sony album art browsing lacked was that it was only one row. I could see a potential problem for a large amount of albums, trying to find the right one may take quite some time. Thats when it hit me, a combination of the Sony album art browsing, and the matrix layout on the Cowon S9.

Essentially the only way to describe how this would look/run is to show you Cooliris. Cooliris is a plugin/addon for firefox which enables you to search through images/news headlines/youtube vid clips. Its really nifty and I think a browsing method like this would work wonders on the touchscreen interface of the S9.

Heres a youtube clip of it in action:

The only drawbacks I can see, is that it does seem quite resource hungry. But I imagine if coded correctly in flash, it wouldn't that much of a resource hog on the S9.

What do people think?

[EDIT] Just realised this may be more suited to the firmware sub-forum, or even in the UCI section. Mods please feel free to move into appropriate section[/EDIT]
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