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Default The S9 is pretty good but... (impressions)

If you're not looking for the "best" sound quality or battery life the P3 seems like a much better option. I'm the kinda person that likes to work before play so I'll list the negatives first.

- no internal speaker
If I want to show a video off to someone I have to have headphones or amplified speakers. That's kind of irritating considering that every other PVP has one. Even if they're not high quality and have a lower than preferable max volume, I think that showing video to friends shouldn't require anything but the player. They had plenty of room to put one in...

- no H.264 (I couldn't give a crap about AAC )
The fact is that this is an ipod world and as such many sites and it's dog has their videos in MP4. I know that Cowon is the anti-ipod but even Microsoft has conceded this point and including support for it on their Zunes. I would much prefer MP4 to WMV support. The WMV doesn't work very well for some sites like Plus almost all podcast content is in MP4.

- picture scaling is crap
What's the point of an AMOLED screen if most of the pics that I want to show don't scale right?

- video playback is ok
They may have a AMOLED screen here but the video decompression features digital artifacts that aren't in the original videos. If you have an S9, you'll notice that around certain colors like red, orange, lime green, that you get this blocky mess rather than a sharp image. The D2 had the same problem but this problem is absent from the Touch (though that could be due to the superior encoding capability of H.264.)

Phew, I think that's it. Any other complaints would be pointless nitpicking.

Now for the Great

All other players can suck an egg if they think that they sound better than this player. BBE Viva 1 & 2 are mind blowing! The depth that they add to the music helps me hear all sorts of details that I couldn't before. Instruments that just weren't there for me. My 780's sound much more like open cans now. The highs are much less harsh as well . Some albums they're completely unnoticeable while they were problematic before (Stadium Arcadium.)

AMOLED is beautiful with files that work well with it. The Archos 605 wifi has a terrible screen, quality-wise, by comparison. The colors are so much more vibrant and realistic while the 605 is quite a bit washed out.

The battery life is quite good. It chugged along for quite a while at 1 bar before finally giving in. I'll have more to say as I use the player in the coming weeks.

Well, I hope this helped. I'll post any other impressions later.
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